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Get on your ebike - The ebikes you want right now

15 June, 2017 By: Courtney Pearson


Get some fresh air and save your legs. Electric bikes are gaining speed in WA and with a bunch of new models now out, there's a bike to suit everyone.

Western Australia is already big on cycling. More than 40 per cent of Perth residents cycle every week, while in regional WA about half of the population cycles weekly.

With a healthy cycling community the take up of ebikes is expected to be strong, especially when it will make the commute much easier on your legs.

Now that legislation on ebikes is in place all around Australia, the very first WA retailer of ebikes, Bikemore, is seeing the market steadily grow.

“Over the past couple of years more and more models have become available, there is better technology and far more people are aware of the benefits of an electric bike,” says Bikemore manager Garry Crofts.

“For commuters, it means they aren’t getting hot and sweaty so they can feel good for the rest of the day."

Global annual sales of power-assisted pedal bikes are predicted to reach more than 40 million by 2023.

Thinking about an ebike? These are the models that Crofts says to put at the top of your buy list.


Vallkree Scrambler ($3790)

At the higher end of the cost-scale is the Valkree Scrambler, which mixes fun, technology and a great vintage look.

The quality-built Scrambler provides style and comfort with a range of around 50km in a single ride.

The 26-inch alloy frame houses a waterproof 13 amp battery, electronic display with trip computer, speedometer, self-diagnostic system, battery indicator, distance calculator and USB charging socket.

And it looks great, with retro style including a leather spring seat, bobber wheel fenders and 1920s double-springer Eltoro forks. Many of the vintage parts had to be specially made.

“Having the vintage look appeals to people young and old,” says Crofts. “It’s a funky, cool cruiser with a vintage style that never becomes dated.”


The Vallkree Scrambler ebike has striking vintage styling