About Us

The First Vintage Electric Bike created and designed in Australia!

VALLKREE is an Australian owned and operated company

located in the creative and inspiring arts and industry area of Byron Bay.

Created to avoid the traffic coming into Byron Bay during the rush of summer

VALLKREE Electric bikes are also built on a need for a fun ecofriendly commute.

In its purest form an e-bike or electric bike is a bicycle that can be powered by electricity,

most commonly in battery form, as well as propelled by pedals.

With a 250 Rear Hub Motor and a Samsung Lithium Ion Battery

the VALLKREE bike has all the power you want

from an e-bike but with the look and feel of great design.

It encompasses all the features of the bestselling electric bikes on the market

but is based on the beautiful vintage styling of the bikes of the past.

The VALLKREE bike rider is a people person who likes an opportunity to take a risk and beat the system

by being ecofriendly to avoid the everyday rat race.

Never afraid of a challenge or an adventure.

The VALLKREE is ambitious, free spirited and stylish with a humble persona that make’s life easy.

VALLKREE’s beautiful electric bikes start from $3,300 and are available online.