General Estimated Quote Terms and Conditions:
Due to the time & care we take to thoroughly inspect your bike including electrical & mechanical components, please note that our service quotes will incur an initial service inspection/quote fee of $120.00.
If the service proceeds, we will reduce this cost to $60.00.
If you decide not to go ahead with the quote, the full $120.00 will be invoiced to you.

This estimated quote is without any major issues: This estimate is not guaranteed. The quotation above is an approximation based on the bike repair requirements.
The actual cost may change after all elements of the repair.

Services: If you accept the terms of this estimate, VALLKREE ELECTRIC BIKES will perform the service as described in this estimate.
If you would like VALLKREE ELECTRIC BIKES to perform additional work not covered in this estimate, these service will incur additional charges.

Charges: Any changes requested to the services described in the estimate, e.g., specifications, or quantities are not binding unless VALLKREE ELECTRIC BIKES accepts and confirms these changes in writing.
Any changes may lead to additional charges. You agree to pay these charges when you request and agree to these changes.

Payment will be due in full upon the repair completion unless explicitly agreed otherwise.
If an estimate has been provided, the full amount, minus any already made payments, must be paid at this time.
If an estimate has not been provided, VALLKREE ELECTRIC BIKES will inform you of the amount due and provide a detailed invoice within 3 business days.

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