VALLKREE Ultimate Service

VALLKREE Ultimate Service

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ULTIMATE Service: RRP $270.00

The ULTIMATE service should be performed every 6-12 months



a.   The standard service

b.   Check for general wear and tear

c.    Check all Components that need cleaning and lubrication, 

d.   Check drivetrain and adjust gear if needed/clean rear derailleur/check and straighten derailleur hanger

e.   Clean and lubricate bike, chain, check chain wear and replace if needed

f.    Check tires/ true wheels

g.    Check brakes and adjust/clean brake surface and deglaze pads replace pads if needed / check brake and gear cables, replace if necessary

h. Bleed hydraulic brakes/replace brake pads

Parts not included

Australian owned company.

Designed in Byron Bay

Founded in 2013 all our bikes are conceptualised and designed in Byron Bay Australia with Japanese engineering.