Redefining the eBike

In it's purest form an e-bike or electric bike is a bicycle that can be powered by electricity, most commonly in battery form, as well as propelled by pedals.

Commonly there is a stigma attached to an electric bicycle, being a fairly new technology to enter the market of sustainable travel vehicles, focus is placed on functionality.


VALLKREE however believe that an eBike's design does not need to be compromised. Our Board Tracker eBike series has all the features of the best selling electric bikes on the market but is based on the beautiful vintage styling of the 1920's board tracker.


With a 250 Rear Hub Motor and a Samsung Lithium Ion Battery is has all the power with the look and feel of great design.

An Australian owned and operated company, located in the creative and inspiring arts and industry area of Byron Bay, VALLKREE want more people to ride beautify electric vehicles.

We love to designing beautiful looking bikes that are built to last.