Vallkree Electric Bikes Unveils The Moon Dog E-Bike

Vallkree Electric Bikes Unveils The Moon Dog E-Bike

Vallkree's Finest: Meet The Moon Dog

Vallkree Electric Bikes, based in the picturesque town of Byron Bay, Australia, continues to push the boundaries of electric bike innovation. Their latest creation, the Moon Dog, is a true testament to their commitment to comfort, style, and sustainable transportation. Director Terumi Iwagami shares her insights on this exceptional e-bike.

The Moon Dog sets a new standard for comfort in the electric bike industry. With its twin-seat design, this e-bike allows riders to enjoy a unique and luxurious experience. Director Terumi Iwagami explains, "We wanted to create an electric bike that redefines comfort. The Moon Dog's twin-seat configuration provides a spacious and comfortable ride, allowing riders to enjoy their journey without compromise."

Important to know, The Moon Dog twin seater caters to a passenger as well, for example, couples can ride together, teenage friends can cruise around and school trips can be even more exciting, as the Moon Dog can also be a great e-bike for dropping your little ones off at school. So not only does this freedom machine enhance your individual outdoor adventures, it's also a family bike.

Available in either a 250 or 500 watt motor, The Moon Dog contains a gear system that's a 6 speed motor assist with 8 speed Shimano Acera, along with an HD-E500 Tektro hydraulic disc brake front and rear, and a 48v15ah=720wh. These features, and more, are just many reasons to get one as soon as possible.

At Vallkree Electric Bikes, style and design go hand in hand with performance. The Moon Dog's sleek and eye-catching design is sure to turn heads wherever you go. From its elegant frame to its carefully selected colour options, every aspect of the Moon Dog exudes sophistication. Terumi Iwagami adds, "We believe that an electric bike should not only be functional but also a reflection of the rider's personality. The Moon Dog's design embodies our commitment to creating electric bikes that are as visually stunning as they are practical."

Equipped with a high-performance electric motor and a robust battery system, this e-bike effortlessly powers through challenging terrains and long-distance rides. Terumi Iwagami highlights, "The Moon Dog is not just about style; it's a powerful performer. Its motor and battery combination ensures a smooth and exhilarating ride, making it a reliable and enjoyable mode of transportation."

Vallkree Electric Bikes understands the importance of versatility and practicality in an electric bike. The Moon Dog is designed to adapt to various riding preferences and purposes. Whether you're commuting to work, running errands, or embarking on leisurely rides, the Moon Dog is up to the task. Terumi Iwagami states, "We strive to provide e-bikes that seamlessly integrate into our customers' lives. The Moon Dog's versatility and practical features make it an ideal choice for riders of all kinds."

As an eco-conscious company, Vallkree Electric Bikes is dedicated to promoting sustainable transportation. The Moon Dog, like all their electric bikes, offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional modes of transportation. With zero-emission operation and the ability to cover long distances without the need for fossil fuels, the Moon Dog contributes to a cleaner and greener future. Terumi Iwagami expresses, "Sustainability is at the core of our values. The Moon Dog is our way of providing riders with a stylish and eco-friendly solution for their transportation needs."

When it comes to unparalleled comfort, style, and sustainability, the Moon Dog from Vallkree Electric Bikes stands out from the crowd. Its twin-seat design, sleek aesthetics, powerful performance, and commitment to sustainability make it a remarkable electric bike choice. Director Terumi Iwagami concludes, "The Moon Dog is a testament to our dedication to crafting electric bikes that combine form and function. It's an invitation to experience unmatched comfort and style while embracing a greener way of transportation."

For more spec info and images of The Moon Dog, visit the Vallkree Website link here.

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